Art Workers

If it's an Artists Union why are arts workers allowed to join?


We are often asked this question and there are several reasons. Firstly, it is often hard to differentiate the two as many artists take part time work within organisations as administrators, but continue with their practice as artists. Secondly, many arts workers want to support the artists they work with and have the best interests of artists at heart, this is often part of why they work in the sector.

Any arts worker who cannot fulfill the full criteria as an artist is only able to become an Associate member. In order to protect the Union's status as a representative body for artists, our Constitution does not allow associate members voting rights, limits the number of associate members on the executive committee and restricts the posts of President and Vice President to Full artist members.

To date, the Union's work has been strengthened by the support of arts worker members, particularly from administrators working for the committee who are knowledgeable about the arts infrastructure, up-to-date on new policies affecting artists and the workings of the 'system'. We feel artists should benefit from as much support from within the wider sector as possible.

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