We offer a wide range of events, workshops and learning opportunities for those working throughout the art and creative sector. All of our services, events and learning opportunities are only available to full and associate union members and free with your membership subscription. Whether you are an artist or in a creative, educational or curatorial role within the arts, we have a programme of activity that is aimed at supporting you to develop your practice, collaborate, meet other members, discuss ideas, and organise. The programme takes a members-led, creative approach to a set of established workplace skills, developing new ways of working and thinking in common. Since the programme was established in 2017, we have had participation from 100s of members from Glasgow to the Western Isles and everywhere in between and have established learning as a core part of our union operations. The programme is funded through Scottish Union Learning – an organisation established by the Scottish Trade Union Congress’s General Council to deliver trade union learning in workplaces across Scotland in partnership with affiliated trade unions. 


Data from our members' survey reveals that artists identify that a lack of network and feelings of isolation are the major issues affecting their practice[1]. 73% of artists work from home, so we need an effective infrastructure on which to build organising, collaboration, exchange and dialogue with each other and other creative practitioners. As freelancers, we don’t have a 'shop floor', one employer or an industry body that can provide training for the sector or opportunities to get together as workers – so we have to create it ourselves. In the absence of a tangible workplace and within what is a precarious sector, workers look to their union to provide career advice and support. It is our intention to build artist-led freelance networks across Scotland’s rural and urban communities and across artistic disciplines. It is essential for people who work alone to be with like-minds, learning, sharing experiences, and combatting issues together to create a more collectivised culture of empowerment within the artistic community in Scotland.


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We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for courses you think would be useful to you, your practice and the wider industry. Please email [email protected] with any feedback or comments.

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