Course - Copyright for artists

Course - Copyright for artists


A one-day intensive course in Copyright Law, Glasgow, March 2019


An understanding of the rudiments of copyright law and its applications for creators is important to any professional artist, whether they are selling original work or dealing with reproduction rights. This course covered the shifting, evolving and often confusing legal issues involved in the business of being an artist who makes and sells original artworks including how to protect intellectual property rights including exclusive rights to reproduce, publish, disseminate, and merchandise their artworks or other versions derived from them. Participants learned about the legal starting points of copyright ownership of original artworks made during the course of employment, and when and where the employer is given copyright ownership. In this context, participants learned how to make contractual agreements such an assignment, transfer and exclusive/non-exclusive licence and learned about the sale of copyright.

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This course was delivered by the National Union of Journalists for the Scottish Artists' Union. 


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