Learning Organiser (Lowlands & Uplands)

Ben Callaghan (he/they)

Primary Practice: Research, Education and Organising

Ben studied at Edinburgh College of Art, 2009 – 2013 completing a BA HONS Intermedia. They were a Committee Member at Rhubaba Gallery and Studios from 2016-2020. Ben joins the union after working as Operations Coordinator at Collective Gallery. Ben is a member of and activist with the Design and Culture Workers branch of United Voices of the World, an independent union that leverages intersectionality amongst precarious workers to build a broad, multi-ethnic, multi-sector membership.

"Coming from a background in self-organised art projects and more recently grass-roots union organising, I've seen how transformative and essential education is for true collective self-determination and empowerment. I'm really excited to contribute to the SAU Learning Programme and build our memberships' power to make positive change in our sector."

Ben lives in Edinburgh.

[email protected]


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