Universal Basic Income - Current Information

Universal Basic Income - Current Information


We have put together a list of articles, and videos that you can access to inform yourself of the arguments for the introduction of Universal Basic Income.


It is clear that the economic impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has had a major and probably long lasting impact on the visual & applied art sectors across Scotland, with all live art forms including theatre, music and writing being particularly badly affected. Scottish Artists Union has been involved in discussions about how the introduction of a Universal Basic Income could support artists and art workers involved in the arts and culture sector, while helping the survival and stability of the sector itself.

In May this year, SAU Learning Programme hosted a Zoom discussion with Cleo Goodman, the Director of Citizens Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS) and Co-founder Basic Income Conversation, UK wide you can read the transcript of the discussion here- link to transcript 

If you support the call for a UBI , here is a link to sign the UBI Pledge petition for pilot programmes in Scotland. LINK TO PLEDGE 

Some progressive think tanks & organisations campaigning for UBI in Scotland  

RSA Scotland

Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS) 

Basic Income Scotland (June 2020 Final Draft Feasibility Study) 

Jimmy Reid Foundation (Jimmy Reid Foundation report on post-pandemic response, reconstructing economy) 

WiSE Centre for Economic Justice, GCU (blog article)

The Common Green 

Common Weal (2017 policy paper, it is dedicated to Prof Ailsa Mckay)


Business For Scotland In 2018, well before the Covid-19 pandemic, Business for Scotland was in favour of trialing a Universal Basic Income with young people and people of ‘pension age’ (in order to reduce poverty among pensioners).  

Culture Counts

Artists and Arts Organisations campaigning for UBI

'Artists and Advocates Push for Universal Basic Income in Canada' 

#artists4basicincome Canadian campaign signatories 'Public Letter from the Arts Community for a Basic Income Guarantee

Humans of Basic Income art project by Jessie Golem and collaborators 

Arika is advocating for "Provision of a universal basic income (paid to all) at a rate that enables a good standard of living

The Stage, article on UBI by Thomas Hescott 

The Stove Network 'Creativity and Community as part of the National Recovery


Basic Income. A radical proposal for a free society and a sane economy; 2017 Ailsa McKay Memorial Lecture at Glasgow Caledonian University, presented by Professor Philippe Van Parijs. WiSE Centre for Economic Justice, Glasgow Caledonian University 

Universal Basic Income: International Response to Covid-19; discussion with Jamie Cooke (RSA Scotland), Scott

Scottish Political Parties in favour of UBI

Over 110 MPs and Peers have added their names to a letter calling on the Chancellor to introduce a 'Recovery Universal Basic Income'   

Scottish political parties that support UBI include: SNP, Liberal Democrats and Scottish Green Party 

Scottish Green Party on UBI: ‘Scotland can lead the world with Universal Basic Income Pilot’ 

Universal Credit has never been enough to support families – we need a universal basic income SNP on UBI 

International UBI pilots and campaigns  

National Arts Recovery Plan for Ireland, Point 13. Universal Basic Income. 

Frequently asked Questions USA campaign for UBI: Scott Santens on Universal Basic Income 101

Appraisal of Finnish UBI Pilot by Professor Philippe Van Parijs

Health professionals across Canada have banded together calling on Justin Trudeau and Cabinet to implement a basic income

People kept working, became healthier while on basic income: report; findings from UBI Pilot in Ontario, Canada

Professor Guy Standing interview with National Geographic on UBI pilots around the world 

Basic Income and Pandemic Preparedness Green European Journal, Jamie Cooke and Jurgen De Wispelaere






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