One Shared Owner: How artists talk about working together

One Shared Owner: How artists talk about working together


This free series of online workshops from the Scottish Artists Union will explore how artists collaborate to develop their own models of support and representation.


“There is power in artists working together to make things happen” Manifesto for Artist-Led Work


Each of the six sessions are hosted by an invited artist-led organisation which will provide a provocation and facilitate discussion around a range of topics that impact collective working.

#1  One Shared Owner - artists talking about alternative incomes

Tuesday 9th November, 1-3pm, Zoom, Book here! 

Narture (Ayr) will explore the CIC model and how social enterprises can generate alternative income for arts projects by sharing their current DOUGH project.


#2  One Shared Owner - artists talking about knowledge transfer 

Friday 12th November, 2-4pm, Zoom, Book here! 

Generator Projects (Dundee) will share effective ways to maintain organisational memory in the context of a rolling committee where change happens every 2 years. 


#3  One Shared Owner - artists talking about flattening hierarchy 

Friday 19th November, 11am-1pm, Zoom, Book here! 

Deveron Projects (Aberdeenshire), in conversation with Glasgow Artists’ Moving Image Studios (Glasgow), will explore forms of governance, flattening hierarchy and methods for collective & collaborative decision making processes to affect positive change.


#4  One Shared Owner - artists talking about connecting communities 

Tuesday 30th November, 10am-12pm, Zoom, Book here!

Gaada (Shetland) with invited speaker Amy Dunnachie (Isle of Jura) will explore strategies for broader community work and supporting an artists’ community within the specific context of rural island life.


#5  One Shared Owner - artists talking about anti-capitalist and reparative economies

Sunday 5th December, 2:30-4:30, Zoom, Book here! 

Rhubaba (Edinburgh) will explore how artists can adopt anti-capitalist and reparative approaches to the political economy of artistic production.


#6  One Shared Owner - artists talking about property matters 

Wednesday 8th December, 1-3pm, Zoom, Book here! 

The Stove Network (Dumfries) will explore how we develop a creative space in the community, either through managing a permanent base or developing a program of borrowed locations.



This series of workshops is funded by Scottish Union Learning and developed to support a larger research project, ‘A mapping of collective artist led activity in Scotland’, undertaken by Chris Biddlecombe on behalf of the Scottish Artist Union and supported by Creative Scotland. We will be launching our survey in mid-November 2021.


A mapping of collective artist led activity in Scotland

In 2016 Creative Scotland published a comprehensive survey review of Scotland’s visual arts sector conducted in partnership with the Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN). The Visual Arts Sector Review states that:

'Artist-run initiatives are of central importance to the sector, being ranked as number one in importance to all survey respondents. Spaces outside of the established infrastructure often operate as a testing ground for ideas and for the development of new critical, curatorial and artistic approaches. They can generate a positive sense of independence, energy, enquiry and community.’

The research intends to better understand and support artists and in turn encourage further collective activity with other artist workers. Therefore the wider research and workshop programme will be organised to:

1.  create a stronger understanding and greater visibility of the range, uniqueness and reach of collective artist-led practice across Scotland - to develop a full picture of both urban and rural/island activity;

2. share an understanding about existing models and practices of artist run spaces - to include a wide level of experiences, the challenges they face and future opportunities;

3. identify and shape shared approaches to funders, partnerships and sponsors which capitalise on opportunities presented by economies of scale, and acknowledge new critical, curatorial and artistic approaches;

4. clearly articulate and develop the collective value, contribution and visibility of artist initiated projects and their cultural / social impact;

5. ‘test’ an informal ‘network’ of like minded artist worker initiatives;

6. disseminate findings through a report shared with the Scottish Artists Union membership and wider arts community.


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