BD Owens (he/him)


Art Forms: Multi-disciplinary

Work in the Arts: B.D. Owens has shown his artwork in Canada, USA, Scotland, Germany and online. And, his writing has been published in two anthologies and on the eco/art/scot/land blog.

Interests: As a member of the LGBTQIE community, B. D. Owens has been involved in various kinds of intersectional anti-oppression activism. Incidentally, the 'E' in LGBTQIE stands for Ecosexual.

“I joined the Scottish Artists Union because I recognised the need for an Artist’s Trade Union in Scotland. The more members we have, the more powerful we are as a collective voice. I'm happy to be on the Executive Committee because I wanted to contribute to our Union”

B.D. Owens lives near Helensburgh.


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