Culture Unions Working Together

Culture Unions Working Together


Scotland's Culture Unions are pressing for more support for the sector and for Fair Work principles to be implemented.


The Scottish Artists Union continue to take part, alongside other culture unions, in regular meetings with the Scottish Government. To read more about these meetings go to the press release below.


STUC General Secretary Rozanne Foyer said:

“We have welcomed the support for the creative sector from both the UK and Scottish Governments which we fought hard to achieve. Every penny and more of the £110 million is required to keep the creative sector afloat. However, it is essential that the funding is worker-centred and used to support job retention. Spending must be strictly monitored to ensure Fair Work outcomes are achieved. Creative workers have been at the sharp end of this crisis. Unions successfully argued for additional support for some who fell through net of the Government support schemes, but many are still in dire straits.

Read the full press release here:



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