On the Call

What personal information will I be asked for on the call?


Calls to the Thompsons Solicitors helpline for Scottish Artists Union members is free, dial 08000 810 068.

You will be asked to confirm Your Name, Date of Birth and Union Membership ID (you can find this on your membership card, emails/newsletters from the union or any invoice for membership fees).

Thompsons will report on a regular basis to the union how many members have accessed the helpline and what services they have enquired about.

If you are enquiring about any work-related issues (pay, contracts, employment rights etc.) you will be asked if you are happy for your details and a brief description can be shared confidentially with the Scottish Artists Union.

We ask this so that we can contact you to discuss any additional support and information we as your union can offer you. This will again be in the strictest of confidence.

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