Learning Programme Manager

Lauren Printy Currie

Primary Practice: Visual art, sculpture, performance

Work in Arts: Lauren has extensive experience in the contemporary visual art sector with a particular focus on disability art, education, learning and socially engaged art practice. She has worked for Glasgow-based organisations Project Ability (2010-2015) and Glasgow Sculpture Studios (2015-2017). From 2009-2013, she founded and ran artist-led gallery the duchy in Glasgow. Lauren is also a self-employed artist working in sculpture, performance and writing investigating how a sculptural enquiry can find form in language. Her installations are created in response to specific contexts and extended periods of research. She has been a member of the Scottish Artists' Union since 2012. 

“Artists are often not thought of as 'workers' because often passion drives what they do and passion can easily be exploited - doing it for 'the love of it'. The union movement is a key force for artists to be respected and treated as workers with access to fair pay, better working conditions and all the necessities to building a sustainable practice - all things that we too often have to fight for. Bread and Roses!" 

Lauren lives and works in Glasgow. 

[email protected]

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