Learning Manager (Highlands & Islands)

Kirsten Body

Primary Practice: Arts Management, Producer/Curator

Work in the Arts: Kirsten has 18 years experience working in the visual arts sector and returned to the Highlands in 2011, after working at Edinburgh's Collective gallery for 6 years. Having always enjoyed the artist-led ethos of Collective, she is passionate about supporting artists and enabling new connections to be formed and is currently part of the artists collective Circus Artspace.

“The geography of the Highlands & Islands means many artists are working in relatively remote areas and often feel isolated from the contemporary visual arts sector. There’s definitely a desire to feel part of a wider creative community and I believe the Scottish Artists Union can be the meeting place we need; supporting the wealth of creative talent through learning, as well as enabling that collective voice to emerge from our region.”

Kirsten lives & works in Inverness.

[email protected]


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