Scottish Visual Arts Manifesto

Scottish Visual Arts Manifesto


We have teamed up with SCAN and Engage Scotland to co-author a new manifesto for the arts! This document has been directly informed by members' data and experienes, gathered through various surveys and consultations by the three organisations over a number of years. 



So much talk, so much surveying, so much opinion, so much knowledge, so many status updates, so much data. How do we capture this discourse and turn it into action? We didn’t want another report. We have chosen the format of the manifesto as a political text that has clout beyond any mere document or proposal, a public written declaration, and as a device not only to conjure up a vision of revolutionary change but as a directive for action.

This sparks a new commitment to working together to ensure that the Scottish Government's Culture Strategy, in its pursuit of positioning culture as 'intrinsic to the health, wealth and success' of society, listen to and act upon the demands made by artists, arts workers, arts organisations to improve the health of the sector, equality, pay, workers' rights and conditions, and infrastructure. We call upon the authors of the Culture Strategy and policy makers to acknowledge that in order to value culture's contribution to society, they have to first and foremost value and support its orchestrators and that artists and the arts community need to be at the forefront of the conversation. 

We, Engage, Scottish Contemporary Arts Network and Scottish Artists Union, undertake to address the significant challenges and inequalities that exist within the visual arts in Scotland.


We are visual artists, cultural workers, curators, educators, freelancers, makers, producers, technicians, writers, art lovers and the organisations that employ, represent or support us.


Read the full manifesto here



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