Our phone line is back up and working

Our phone line is back up and working


The phone system here at The Briggait has been switched over to a new operator.


Our sincere apologies for anyone trying to call the office over the last few days, WASPS have put in a new phone system and we had a few glitches setting it up in our office here in The Briggait.


The good news is it's now working perfectly and we're looking forward to hearing from artists interested in joining the union, members booking a place on any of our forthcoming events or enquiries about how the union can help members chasing up late payments or disputes about work and contracts.


Sorry once again if you've struggled to get hold of us, we've missed hearing from you as well.


Yours in Solidarity,


Gordon Dickson, Finance and Projects Manager


Photo Image: The most famous phone box in Scotland (As seen in Local Hero) is used under the Creative Commons Licence, the original by Anne can be found here on Flickr


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