Let's Get Organised!

March 15, 2022 at 4:00pm - March 31, 2022

Ever wondered why working conditions for artists suck? Why it’s so difficult to maintain a career? Why it’s so hard to establish yourself without a leg-up or a handout? Ever wondered what it would take to change things?

This course will introduce critical tools we can use to understand and analyse systems of exploitation and oppression, tactics we can use to fight back against them and strategies we can use to change them.

Highly recommended if you are:

  • interested in union organising and social justice

  • fed up with working conditions in our sector

  • ready to fight for change

Session 1: Why is everything #$@!%’d!?
Tuesday 15th March, 4-6pm, Zoom

What power makes exploitation and oppression possible?

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Session 2: Why are the arts, in particular, #$@!%’d?
Thursday 17th March, 4-6pm, Zoom

What forces make our working conditions as artists?

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Session 3: Worker Defence Pt 1. Law
Tuesday 22nd March, 4-6pm, Zoom 

How can we use the law to defend ourselves in work? What are the limitations of the law?

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Session 4: Worker Defence Pt 2. Action
Thursday 24th March, 4-6pm, Zoom

What direct action can we take to make immediate change?

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Session 5: Building Long Term Power
Tuesday 29th March, 4-6pm, Zoom 

How can we build our power to enact long term change?

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Session 6: Toward Radical Futures
Thursday 31st March, 4-6pm, Zoom

When we change the world, what will it look like?

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TO BOOK: We would recommend that you attend all six sessions in order to build the conversation over the course. Each session will include an element of discussion and reflection. Participants will receive additional resources/reading material and optional homework for each session.

This course is funded by Scottish Union Learning. If you would like to attend, please complete these two forms in advance.

Ben Callaghan ·

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