ecological artist | inspiring creative eco-social connections through ecological art

I connect people with ecology through art to captivate and inform them towards more creative and sustainable ways to live. I am an ecological artist and researcher who designs and leads community projects and outdoor arts workshops to [re]activate public engagment with ecology. Collaborations with local communities and stakeholders seek to generate ecological responsibility and sustainability through experiential learning and new modes of creative activity to help put people back in touch with environment, community, and self.

I generate new modes of insight through an expanded drawing practice using paper, sculpture and digital mediums to document societal and ecological exchanges. I create poetically abstract works through the direct sensory experience of matter, exploring the interplay between embodied process and ecological concern. This approach responds to a contemporary attitude that portrays connection and empathy through embodied speculation. My process employs field research as an approach to tuning into bodily, sensory engagement within ecological space. Relational encounters with science and nature play a role in this knowledge production. This multi-disciplinary approach engenders connection between human and nonhuman communities to engage and inform eco-mindfulness, mutuality, and kinship. 

I hold a BFA Hons in Fine Art, MFA in Art, Society, Publics, and PhD in Contemporary Art Practice. I work between the Outer Hebrides (UK) and Auckland (Aotearoa NZ).

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