Janie Nicoll

Janie Nicoll is a Glasgow based Visual Artist who studied Painting at Edinburgh College of Art and the MFA at Glasgow School of Art. She has a studio based and socially engaged practice, often creating hybrid-works across a range of media using collage techniques and collaboration with other artists or communities. 

She has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally, and recently spent three years as President of Scottish Artists Union (2014-'17). She is currently a Trustee for Engage the National organisation for Gallery Education.

Recent residencies use collaboration as a modus operandi. e.g. a Creative Lab at CCA Glasgow, 2012: a Collaborative Residency for Counterflows Music Festival 2013, at CCA; A Rough Mix cross platform collaborative residency for Magnetic North Theatre Co, at Tramway, March 2013; a Protest and Propaganda Lab at Metal Liverpool.

Exhibitions include Record Store, Aberdeen as part of Look Again Festival; Sluice Art Fair, London;Turin & Marseille Artists’ Exchangefor WASPS’s Studios; ‘Rough Edit’ at InterviewRoom11, part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2014, ‘East End Transmissions’ at the Pipe Factory: ‘New Wave’ at the “Old Hairdressers”, ‘Seven Inch’ and ‘Record Store’ at Monorail Records, Glasgow and Avalanche Records, Edinburgh; ‘Fools Gold’ at the Briggait Project Spaces.

She recently undertook In Kind, a research project with artist Ailie Rutherford, which aimed to chart the hidden economies of the arts, using Glasgow International 2018 as a case study. The project reveals the volume of unpaid labour, unseen and unaccounted for efforts, and volunteer hours that enable arts festivals to take place. In Kind questions the apparently successful arts festival model rolled out across major cities, and challenges whether this is a sustainable model for artists and who these festivals actually benefit.

  • published Fair Work Contracts Launch in Events 2021-05-13 13:09:31 +0100

    Fair Work Contracts - Launch Event

    Join us for an online event to launch our Fair Work Contracts with Philip Hannay, Managing Director of Cloch Solicitors. Philip will talk us through the contracts and be available for a Q & A session.

    Find out more here

    Please register via Zoom here and you will be sent an automatic email with the meeting link.


    For more information please contact our Projects & Campaigns Manager at

    [email protected]

    June 03, 2021 at 11am
    Online via Zoom

  • published Fair Work Event Info in Fair Work Contracts Launch 2021-05-13 13:08:29 +0100

    Event: Fair Work Event Info

    The importance of Fair Work has become an increasingly central issue for artists and makers, and the Scottish Artists Union have been working to develop a series of artist orientated contracts that can be used and adapted to suit most work situations. We hope that by empowering artists to create their own contracts, that they will have the confidence to demand better working conditions as a default.

    Join us for an online event on Thursday 3rd June, 11am -12.30pm, to launch our Fair Work Contracts with Philip Hannay, Managing Director of Cloch Solicitors. Philip will talk us through the contracts and be available for a Q & A session. 

    Fair Work Contracts Event back to the original event page and Zoom registration.

    Scottish Artist Union members can download the Contract templates from the Resources area. Non-members will receive a download link via email.

    More information

    Fair work is work that offers all individuals an effective voice, opportunity, security, fulfilment and respect. It balances the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers. It generates benefits for individuals, organisations and society.

    Scottish Artists Union will campaign to embed Fair Work practices and raise awareness of Fair Work in the visual arts. The new Fair Work Contracts and guidance materials produced in collaboration with Philip Hannay, of Cloch Solicitors Ltd*, will be used to organise & support our membership around challenging unfair work in their professional lives, allowing individual artists the tools to set their own agendas when it comes to contracts.

    We will apply the Fair Work framework to the workplace within the collaborative economy and/or precarious employment sectors where workers are unlikely to be covered by collective bargaining and non-traditional models of employment prevail.

    • We have used insight from surveys, learning events and workshops to develop new pay guidance rates for artists in Scotland and created three legally robust contract guidelines/templates for artists to use in negotiating fairer work agreements.
    • Launch of Fair Work Contracts: 3rd June 2021 – Online workshop for SAU members and also open to members of Scottish Contemporary Arts Network (SCAN) and Engage Scotland. 
    • We are working to produce an ‘Artists Fair Work Contract’ badge to promote the contracts.
    • We are working with the four main art schools and colleges across Scotland through our graduate membership scheme to raise awareness about fair Work issues, alongside working with the STUC Young Workers project to build union membership.
    • We are taking part in relevant sector meetings like the National Partnership Group to promote Fair work practices for visual, applied artist and makers.

    This campaign is supported by the Scottish Trades Union Congress Fair Work & Modernisation Fund. This campaign will:

    • Raise awareness of unfair work practices for members
    • Provide legally robust documentation for members when negotiating contracts and pay
    • Deliver a means to protect workers’ rights and support fairer work practice
    • Promote fair work practice throughout the sector in Scotland by promoting the Fair Work Contract as a standard for the whole visual arts sector

    For more information on the Fair Work Framework and strategy in Scotland go to:




    For more information please contact our Projects & Campaigns Manager at

    [email protected]

    * Philip Hannay is Managing Director of Cloch Solicitors Limited, an award-winning boutique Scottish law firm which has a specialism in the exploitation and protection of creative and cultural property. Philip tutors post-graduate students business law and intellectual property law at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, is Honorary Secretary of Friends of Glasgow School of Art, and is a Member of the Scottish Government Creative Industry Advisory Group. Between 2011 and 2019 Philip was Specialist Business Advisor for the Culture Enterprise Office and delivered shy of 1,000 30-minute pro bono sessions for Scottish creatives. His day to day work includes advising clients over business start-up, intellectual property (e.g. copyright, designs, trade marks, patents, know-how), licensing & franchising, contracting, director compliance, dispute resolution, acquisitions and disposals, and succession legal matters.


  • April Newsletter with Climate Survey

    Here's our April Newsletter containing information we hope you find useful, and a survey for our Climate & Sustainability Sub group that will inform future campaigning.


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  • published 2021 Rates of Pay in Resources 2021-04-06 14:45:13 +0100

    2021 Rates of Pay

    The Scottish Artists Union has from its inception been concerned with establishing recognised national standards in artists’ contracts and payments, as it is often difficult for artists to quantify the value of their work. We have therefore prepared some typical rates of pay which members may wish to use as a guide when negotiating payment for their work on short - term contracts, sessional work and residencies that are paid on a self-employed status basis.

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  • published Learning Programme Organiser Vacancy (LUPS) in News 2021-03-09 17:01:11 +0000

    Learning Programme Organiser Vacancy (LUPS)

    Come and Join our Team!

    We have a VACANCY: 

    We are looking to fill the position of Learning Programme Organiser, Lowlands and Uplands area. (LUPS)

    The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 2ndApril @ 5.00pm 2021

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  • published Template Letter for MSP's/MP's February '21 in Resources 2021-02-23 16:12:55 +0000

    Template Letter for MSP's/MP's February '21

    We have created a template letter so that you can write to your MSP/MP's in the run up to the Scottish Government Elections in May this year, to make them aware of how hard our sector has been affected by the pandemic and what they should do to help.

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  • published Members Newsletter February '21 in News 2021-02-23 16:09:33 +0000

    Members Newsletter February '21

    This is a Members Newsletter including information about a new Mental Health event from SAU Learning; information about Brexit; information from the report submitted to the Scottish Government based on our workforce survey with SCAN: and a Template Letter for writing to your MSP.

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  • published Members Survey Reminder Jan '21 in News 2021-01-05 16:55:29 +0000

    Members Survey Reminder Jan '21

    This is a Members Update containing a reminder to take part in our Survey on the effects of the pandemic; official lockdown information from the Scottish Government; a reminder to sign up for the new SAU Learning events in January; links to the Hardship Fund; and information on how to add your images to our #SeeingRed Campaign


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  • published Members Final Newsletter 2020 in News 2020-12-21 18:01:43 +0000

    Members Final Newsletter 2020

    This is our Final Members Update of this difficult year, with info about our closing times for the festive period, our joint Survey with SCAN, a reminder to sign up for new Learning events in January.


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  • Please take our survey if you work in the Visual or Applied Arts in Scotland.

    We've teamed up with SCAN to gather vital information from the Visual and Applied Arts workforce on Covid-19 and its impacts.  


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  • published Members Festive Newsletter 2020 in News 2020-12-10 15:20:49 +0000

    Members Festive Newsletter 2020

    This is a Members Update containing information about our joint Visual Arts Workforce Survey with SCAN, and our closing times for the festive period


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  • published Members Newsletter December 2020 in News 2020-12-04 16:58:37 +0000

    Members Newsletter December 2020

    This is a members update containing information about members discounts, upcoming events from the Learning programme and about UBI, SAU Sub Groups, a reminder about the Hardship Fund, info about the Hate Crime Bill and our "Seeing Red" campaign. 

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  • published Members Update 13 Nov 2020 in News 2020-11-13 16:14:14 +0000

    Members Update 13 November 2020

    This is a members update containing information about two upcoming events that you can attend, and a reminder about the Hardship Fund and our "Seeing Red" campaign. 

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  • published Members Newsletter October 2020 in News 2020-10-23 10:59:19 +0100

    Hardship Funding Update October 2020

    This is a members update with information about the Creative Freelancers Hardship Fund that will launch next week.

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  • published UBI report summer 2020 in UBI Members Survey Report 2020-10-20 12:39:30 +0100

    UBI Report Summer 2020

    Here's the report from our recent Members' Survey about the potential roll out of a Universal Basic Income.

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  • published Members Newsletter October 2020 in News 2020-10-13 20:49:56 +0100

    Members Newsletter October 2020

    This newsletter keeps you up to date with info about our recent AGM, funding opportunities and new members discounts.

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  • published Motions passed at AGM 2020 in News 2020-10-13 15:43:38 +0100

    Motions passed AGM 2020

    Here are the motions that were passed at this year's AGM.

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  • signed Petition 2020-09-15 13:48:27 +0100

    Support our Fair Work Contract

    The Scottish Artists Union has been working towards launching a Fair Work Contract for our members, sign up to show your support for our campaign to ensure every artist gets paid fairly for the work they do.

    79 signatures

    The Scottish Artists Union Fair Work Contract will:

    - Raise awareness of unfair work practices for members

    - Provide legally robust documentation for members when negotiating contracts and pay

    - Deliver a means to protect workers’ rights and support fairer work practice

    - Promote fair work practice throughout the sector in Scotland by promoting the Fair Work Contract as a standard for the whole visual arts sector

    Show your support for our campaign to have all our members use the contract and for all organisations employing visual artists to recognise it.

    We know that our membership, visual artists and makers in Scotland, earn on average less than 10k per year and face the challenge of unfair work practices and agreements across the sector. Only 1 in 5 of our members were given a contract for any paid work they did.

    The Scottish Artists Union’s Fair Work Contract covers exhibitions, projects, sales and workshop delivery. It’s backed by free or discounted legal services from Thompsons Solicitors, Scotland. Call 08000-810-068 of 30 mins of free legal advice.

    Union members receive free Members Liability Insurance cover and the support of the staff, exec and 1300+ union members.

    Scottish Artists Union is affiliated to the STUC, who part-funded the development of the Fair Work Contact.


    There will be THREE versions of the contract templates for members to use:

    - Exhibitions & Projects

    - Sales & Commissions

    - Workshops & Classes


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