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I am an experienced manager in the arts, political campaigns and training delivery.

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    Robert Singer


    Primary Practice: Environmental Art


    “I have recently joined the executive committee of the Scottish Artists Union to extol artists’ professional rights. 

    The kernel of my social engaged practice is exploring how bread, metaphorically and actually can be a means of supporting creativity and critical thinking, which is fairly well represented at


    Robert lives in Ayrshire.

    [email protected]

  • Fadzai Mwakutuya Hamburgh


    Work in the Arts: Fadzai Mwakutuya, ‘Fudge’ is an 'artivist' from Zimbabwe who has exhibited her own provocative art pieces professionally for more than twenty years. She encourages access to the arts for all ages as The Afro Art Lab, delivering unique and engaging creative art workshops, exploring a diverse range of art-making techniques and media. Having adopted the Scottish Highlands as her thinking space, Fadzai Mwakutuya has rekindled her artistic voice, which advocates for ‘lost/ stolen identities’ reclaiming her own identity as a unique artist in a society consumed with many barriers, that Fudge identifies with.

    In her body of work, Fadzai continues in her quest to explore unconventional techniques of mark-making, exploring natural media and varied techniques to best describe her passions. Her creative process explores intersectional themes. Self-expression is uttermost and roots her beliefs, values in relationships, spirituality and the world of politics. At this stage in her career Fudge looks forward to supporting others in the visual arts, advocating for fair policies that inform the wellbeing of artists. She particularly encourages cross-cultural exchanges as a form of collaborating, promoting opportunities, engaging in the visual dialogue and practice to remove prejudice and other forms of oppression. 

    Fudge lives in Ullapool.

    [email protected]

  • Working Artists contribute to STUC report on precarious work

    STUC launch report on precarious work with contributions from Scottish Artists Union members

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  • published Returned Goods Relief in Artists' Rights 2019-10-23 14:48:26 +0100

    Returned Goods Relief

    I don't want to pay VAT/Duty on goods returned to me from outside the UK, what do I do?


    Recently one of our members had an online chat with HMRC about Returned Goods Relief. They have kindly shared that chat with us. 

    The sender can still declare the full value of the work for insurance purposes, but as long as they write "RETURNED GOODS" on the parcel (close to the delivery address) it should pass through fine. If there are any questions, I should ensure I can provide some sort of evidence that the goods being returned are the same as the goods that were posted.

    You can find out more at the HMRC site 

  • published Global Climate Strike in Campaigns 2019-09-18 13:59:58 +0100

    Global Climate Strike

    Join fellow artists and activists on Friday's Global #ClimateStrike

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  • published Further Info in Fair Work for Young Workers 2019-06-05 11:23:54 +0100

    Further Info


    Challenging Unfair Work

    The Scottish Artists Union are launching a Fair Work Contract for its members to combat unfair work practices. This is part of a wider campaign against unfair, precarious work, which affects young workers in particular. Learn more about this from STUC’s Better Than Zero activists and how vital this is in navigating a career in the creative industries in Scotland.

    Speakers will include Ellis O'Keefe and Martyn Forbes from Better Than Zero, who have experience of unfair work practices in the creative industries and challenges of being a young worker in these precarious times.

    The Scottish Artists Union will also have a stall where artists can find out more about the union and students graduating this year can join at the new Graduate Membership rate of just £3 per month for your first 12 months of their membership.

    Open to all union members, artists, students, educators and anyone interested in the work of the Scottish Artists Union challenging unfair work pratices in the visual arts and creative industries. Join us in the Vic Bar for drinks to continue the conversation.

    This event is part of the Glasgow School of Art Student Association's Dress Rehearsal fortnight long programme of events for the GSA Degree Show and Graduation 31st May - 14 June 2019, find out more here


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  • Graduate Membership - Further Info

    Graduate Membership of the Scottish Artists Union is open to final year undergraduate/college students, graduates and all post-graduates. The fee will be £36.00 for the first year of your union membership. You pay £3 per month for 12 months by Direct Debit.


    To account for the disruption caused by Covid-19 we are extending the length of time in which you can apply for graduate membership by 6 months.  Graduates, therefore, can apply for graduate membership up to 18 months after graduating.


    • Graduate Membership of the Scottish Artists Union is open to final year undergraduate/college students, post-graduate students and graduates. The fee is paid by a monthly Direct Debit at £3.00 per month for the first 12 months of your Union membership.

    • Membership at the 'Graduate' rate will be for 12 months - this opportunity is only open for the first year of a new membership to the Union (a graduate applicant cannot be an existing Scottish Artists Union member). 

    • As a Graduate Member of the Union you must still be able to meet a minimum of two membership criteria as an Associate Member, or a minimum of four membership criteria as a Full Member. (see Membership criteria here)

    • At the end of the 12 months your membership will be reassessed regarding your eligibility for Full or Associate membership of the Union, and regular terms and subscription fees will apply.

    Final Year and Post-Graduate Students

    • Join the Union at Graduate rate within the final year of an undergraduate/college course, or a post-graduate course for 12 months only - before then moving on to regular Union rates.

    • Insurance cover from or representation by Scottish Artists Union will only relate to professional artist practice not connected in any way to the course either formally or informally.

    • Access to all other benefits of membership is available, including attendance to all Union events and learning programme workshops.

    Graduate Students

    • Join the Union at Graduate rate within 12 months of graduating from either an undergraduate or post-graduate course - before then moving on to regular Union rates.

    • Insurance cover from or representation by Scottish Artists Union will relate to professional artist practice only.

    • Access to all other benefits of membership is available, including attendance to all Union events and learning programme workshops.

    Join the Scottish Artists Union today!

  • Free & Discounted Legal Services for our Members

    The Scottish Artists Union and Thompsons Solicitors Scotland are working together to provide further benefits to our members.

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  • published November Learning Newsletter in News 2018-11-26 12:18:42 +0000

    November Learning Newsletter

    Welcome to the November edition of your union newsletter, a bi-monthly news bulletin of updates, events, opportunities and more.

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