Finance and Projects Manager for Scottish Artists Union

I am an experienced manager in the arts, political campaigns and training delivery.

  • Free & Discounted Legal Services for our Members

    The Scottish Artists Union and Thompsons Solicitors Scotland are working together to provide further benefits to our members.

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    November Learning Newsletter

    Welcome to the November edition of your union newsletter, a bi-monthly news bulletin of updates, events, opportunities and more.

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    More Info

    The Scottish Artists Union Executive Committee ten times a year to oversee all aspects of the union's activities, including finance and compliance, learning and development, and campaigns and membership.

    Any member can attend as an observer, if you are interested in attending a meeting (perhaps in advance of joining the committee), contact Gordon Dickson, Finance and Projects Manager in advance.

    Please note due to the confidential nature of some issues discussed, an observer may be asked to step out of the meeting for a brief period of time.

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    Finance for Freelancers

    Finance for Freelancers
    3rd & 4th December 2018 6-9pm
    The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow G1 5HZ

    An ‘everything you need to know’ course on how to manage the business side of your freelance career aimed specifically at artists.

    It will run for two evenings (6-9pm on Monday & Tuesday) attendance for BOTH evenings is essential.

    Please bring along a laptop or tablet device to the workshops, if you cannot please contact Thank you.

    The course will cover types of self-employment, financial regulations, financial aspects of freelancing and how to make the most of what you earn and manage losses and debt. There will also be an open day for freelancers to complete their tax return in a comfortable and supportive environment with experts on hand for queries.

    By the end of the course learners will:

    • Have a firm understanding of the essential financial aspects of managing a business as a freelancer;
    • Understand the importance of business planning and cash flow forecasting;
    • Know which tax and national insurance applies to them;
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial regulatory system.

    Finance for Freelancers is based on a popular, well-established course provided by the National Union of Journalists for their members and will be tailored specifically to the needs of our members.

    Download further information about the course and the tutor

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