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As a result of regularly surveying our membership, we know that visual artists and makers in

Scotland, on average, earn less than £10k per year and face the challenge of unfair work

practices across the sector. On average, only 1 in 5 of our members are given a contract for

any paid work that they do.


The Scottish Artists Union Fair Work Contract will:

  • Raise awareness of unfair work practices for members
  • Provide legally robust documentation for members when negotiating contracts and pay
  • Deliver a means to protect workers’ rights and support fairer work practice
  • Promote fair work practice throughout the sector in Scotland by promoting the Fair Work Contract as a standard for the whole visual arts sector.

Join this session with Philip Hannay, from Cloch Solicitors, and artist Janie Nicoll, who will be

progressing and overseeing the rollout of the contracts.


For more information check out our dedicated webpage:


Please sign our petition in support of the project:


Philip Hannay is Managing Director of Cloch Solicitors Ltd, an award-winning Scottish legal

boutique specialising in business law & intellectual property, and is well-known for assisting

creative entrepreneurs through his work with the Culture Enterprise Office (CEO). Philip

teaches both ‘Company Law’ and ‘IP & Commercial Contracts’ in the Universities of Glasgow

and Strathclyde; he is Honorary Secretary of Friends of Glasgow School of Art;

Member of the Scottish Government Creative Industry Advisory Group.


Janie Nicoll, is a Glasgow based Visual Artist, former president of SAU, a trustee for Engage,

and is currently working for SAU as Projects and Campaigns Manager, in a freelance capacity.

She recently undertook ‘In Kind’ Project with artist Ailie Rutherford, a research project that

used GI2018 as a case study to research the ‘in kind’ and hidden economies of the visual


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