Gael Hillyard


Work in the Arts: Gael Hillyard is a neurodivergent mixed media artist based in Inverness. She grew up in a large Victorian studio where she was inspired by its dusty windows, stucco and faded wallpaper; these continue to inform her work.

Prior to becoming an artist, Gael supported the training and career paths of commercial helicopter pilots. For those not headed to the North Sea, Air Ambulance or Police, she helped them establish their own flying businesses. Sensing a downturn in the aviation industry after 9/11 she retrained as an Interior Designer which she also taught via her own distance learning course to students around the world.

As well as painting, Gael writes and blogs for specialist medical practitioners around the UK and overseas, and likes to experiment with analogue photography.

“I am so grateful that the Scottish Artists Union exists. There are so many benefits to being a member, but on top of that the support they offer is exceptional, and it is all delivered with genuine care and kindness. I became involved so that I may use my own experience to assist others, and support the Union where I can.”

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