Fadzai Mwakutuya Hamburgh


Work in the Arts: Fadzai Mwakutuya, ‘Fudge’ is an 'artivist' from Zimbabwe who has exhibited her own provocative art pieces professionally for more than twenty years. She encourages access to the arts for all ages as The Afro Art Lab, delivering unique and engaging creative art workshops, exploring a diverse range of art-making techniques and media. Having adopted the Scottish Highlands as her thinking space, Fadzai Mwakutuya has rekindled her artistic voice, which advocates for ‘lost/ stolen identities’ reclaiming her own identity as a unique artist in a society consumed with many barriers, that Fudge identifies with.

In her body of work, Fadzai continues in her quest to explore unconventional techniques of mark-making, exploring natural media and varied techniques to best describe her passions. Her creative process explores intersectional themes. Self-expression is uttermost and roots her beliefs, values in relationships, spirituality and the world of politics. At this stage in her career Fudge looks forward to supporting others in the visual arts, advocating for fair policies that inform the wellbeing of artists. She particularly encourages cross-cultural exchanges as a form of collaborating, promoting opportunities, engaging in the visual dialogue and practice to remove prejudice and other forms of oppression. 

Fudge lives in Ullapool.

[email protected]

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