Sustainable Culture Campaign

Sustainable Culture Campaign


Sustainable Cultural Environment Campaign


At the end of the Cross Party Group for Culture on Friday 19th June an idea was discussed around a sustainable cultural environmental campaign run by artists. The general idea is to form a group of artists to re-imagine the future for artists and the environment.

This small group of potential co-founders would like to invite you to a campaign kick-start event; taking place on Zoom on Saturday 29th August 2020 from 10am until 12pm; anyone interested can join them on zoom to discuss the following:

  • Similar Campaigns (listed below) / Devolved and Reserved Powers & Influence
  • Set up a Scotland branch of current UK campaign? or a new campaign just for Scotland? 
  • Aims & Objectives
  • Campaign Name
  • Communications (who will send out emails and organise zoom meet ups)
  • Next Steps
  • Date of Next Meeting

This group intends to be a campaigning group in their own time and not as representatives of the organisations that they work for. Therefore if you are signing up to the Eventbrite please use your personal email address.

Register to join the meeting at the eventbrite link below. For security reasons we'll send out Zoom details the day before the meeting.



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