Basic Income & the Artist

Basic Income & the Artist


Listen to how a Basic Income can impact on the working lives of artists.


CBIN Event

Basic Income & The Artist

Citizens Basic Income Network Scotland and Scottish Artists Union invite you to an evening of discussion about the impact a basic income can have on artists living and working in Scotland.

Wednesday 27 February 2019, 7-9pm
Woodlands Creatures, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Join us at this free event to learn more about an unconditional, universal individual payment and how it can impact powerfully on the lives of our members, such as Jenny Lupton who will share her experience and thoughts on the evening.

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Jenny Lupton, Artist

Attended DOJCA and graduated with an Honours Degree in Illustration and Visual Communication, then did a Post Dip year in Printmaking. I should really have done Drawing and Painting instead of Illustration, but didn't realise that until too late! 

I worked as an artist alongside riding horses for people, until the Enterprise Allowance gave me the opportunity to concentrate full time on the Arts. My horse connections gave me a range of contacts.

I built my portrait business up and have worked across the world. I do a charity portrait a year, sometimes too. Last year was supporting Doddle Weir and resulted in the commission of a Grand National winner.

I've recently returned from living in France for thirteen years, and am incredibly happy to be back in the hub of Scotland, and am slowly rebuilding the business that vanished when I was abroad. 

You can view more of Jenny’s paintings and commission work from her at 

If you can't make it along on Wednesday, look out for a blog post from Jenny based on her talk in the next few weeks.



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