Artists' Fair Work Toolkit

We will campaign to embed Fair Work framework through a series of workshops to raise awareness of Fair Work in the visual arts. The new pay rates and contract guidance materials produced will be used to organise & support our membership around challenging unfair work in their professional lives.

We will apply the Fair Work framework to the workplace within the collaborative economy and/or precarious employment sectors where workers are unlikely to be covered by collective bargaining and non-traditional models of employment prevail.

  • Run TWO workshop consultations based on Fair Work framework with members across Scotland to ensure coverage by geography, art practice and professional experience.

  • Use insight from workshops to develop new pay guidance rates for artists in Scotland and create a legally robust contract guidelines/template for artists to use in negotiating fairer work agreements.

  • Produce an ‘Artists’ Rights’ card to promote the contract.

  • Deliver THREE workshops to members, prospective members and stakeholders on how to use the new document to protect the rights of workers in contract negotiations:

    • Artists Session - Facilitated by artists In Kind Project address the issue of unfair work specific to artists working in Scotland and how contract can help strengthen the position of artists in negotiating for work.

    • Sector Session - Collaborate with creative industry unions to raise awareness across the sector, share approaches and campaign for fair work.

    • Young Worker Session - Raise awareness with art school/college students and graduates of issues, working with STUC Young Workers project to build union membership.

This campaign is supported by the Scottish Trades Union Congress' Fair Work & Modernisation Fund. This campaign will:

  • Raise awareness of unfair work practices for members
  • Provide legally robust documentation for members when negotiating contracts and pay
  • Deliver a means to protect workers’ rights and support fairer work practice
  • Promote fair work practice throughout the sector in Scotland by promoting the Fair Work Contract as a standard for the whole visual arts sector

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