Artists' Rights

Tax and VAT

I have a specific problem with Tax and VAT can you give me any advice?


The Scottish Artists Union consulted with a VAT specialist, through the Cultural Enterprise Office. As part of its research, CEO offer free Tax and VAT advice sessions available by appointment. More info can be found here.


I know I should be using contracts but how do I go about it?


We have devised a check list to assist you, you can find this in our Resources page in the members area.

We are in the process of developing more specialist contract advice and guidance in consultation with our membership and legal experts.

Rates of Pay

How can I work out what rate of pay I should be asking for?


If you are seeking guidance on suitable rates of pay for artists entering into short-term, sessional work then we have prepared some advice that may be of use. It can be downloaded here.


Can you give advice about pricing work?


Due to the diverse nature of our membership and how they work, we have not carried out specific research on this subject. The Cultural Enterprise Office have some general advice here.

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