Artists' Rights


I know I should be using contracts but how do I go about it?


We have developed three contract templates with guidelines and short films explaining how to use them.  These can be found here: Resources

Feedback and questions relating to the contracts should be directed to: [email protected]

Rates of Pay

How can I work out what rate of pay I should be asking for?


If you are seeking guidance on suitable rates of pay for artists entering into short-term, sessional work then we have prepared some advice that may be of use. It can be downloaded here.


Can you give advice about pricing work?


Due to the diverse nature of our membership and how they work, we have not carried out specific research on this subject. The Cultural Enterprise Office have some general advice here.

Returned Goods Relief

I don't want to pay VAT/Duty on goods returned to me from outside the UK, what do I do?


Recently one of our members had an online chat with HMRC about Returned Goods Relief. They have kindly shared that chat with us. 

The sender can still declare the full value of the work for insurance purposes, but as long as they write "RETURNED GOODS" on the parcel (close to the delivery address) it should pass through fine. If there are any questions, I should ensure I can provide some sort of evidence that the goods being returned are the same as the goods that were posted.

You can find out more at the HMRC site 

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