Artists & Climate Change: Adaption (Part 3)

December 10, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8pm

Artists & Climate Change: Mitigation, Awareness & Adaptation is an online series of lectures developed for Scottish Artists Union members which explores the various ways their practice can impact on, and adapt to, climate change both through its subject matter and the visual arts and craft processes they use.

Our final session will share the research undertaken by Catriona Patterson from Creative Carbon Scotland. Through adaptations in technology, behaviour, practical responses to the change in climate artists can change how they work to become less vulnerable in the future. 

We will also be joined by Diana Sykes, Director of Fife Contemporary who will share how the organisation are working to address the issues of the climate emergency to make positive changes in behaviour, reduce their carbon footprint and make adaptations to address climate change.

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Image: ‘Early Warning Signs’, Ellie Harrison, outside the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, 2015 (Photo: Katie Bruce)

Online via Zoom
Kirsten Body ·

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