Artists & Climate Change: Adaption (Part 3) More Info

Thursday 10th December, 7-8pm 

A Sustainable Visual Arts Sector: Climate Change Adaptation

Our final session will share the research undertaken by Catriona Patterson from Creative Carbon Scotland and a sector response from Diana Sykes at Fife Contemporary.

Through adaptations in technology, behaviour, practical responses to the change in climate artists can change how they work to become less vulnerable in the future.

Catriona manages Creative Carbon Scotland’s work supporting the transformation of the cultural sector – reducing the emissions of the sector, adapting it for a climate-change future, and exploring the artistic and advocacy mechanisms culture harness to change wider society. With an interdisciplinary background, and experience in private, public and third sector sustainability policy and practice, Catriona focuses on the knowledge dissemination and wider engagement element of how the cultural sector can contribute towards a more sustainable Scotland. Catriona is also the Project Manager for Cultural Adaptations, a Creative Europe co-operation project across Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden. Running from October 2018 to March 2021, the project seeks to explore culture’s role in society’s adaptation to the impacts of climate change, and the adaptation issues which will effect cultural organisations.

Diana Sykes, Director of Fife Contemporary, will share how the organisation are working to address the issues of the climate emergency to make positive changes in behaviour, reduce their carbon footprint and make adaptations to address climate change. Fife Contemporary is an independent visual art & craft organisation based in St Andrews, Fife. Their programme is not delivered from a single venue but across Fife, through varied partnerships in all kinds of places.

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