We support the Living Wage

We support the Living Wage


The Scottish Artists Union is an accredited employer and calls for everyone in the creative industries to be paid at least the Living Wage.


Living Wage Scottish Artists Union AGM

We passed this motion at our recent AGM in support of the Living Wage.

“This Union supports the campaign for a Living Wage, we ensure all our staff and freelancers are paid equal to or greater than the Living Wage and call on all artists to be paid a living wage or higher for their work.” 


The Rates of Pay we suggest are paid to artists increases each year by the same percentage as the Living Wage to reflect the rising costs of living we all face.


The current Living Wage rates can be found on The Living Wage Foundation web-site.


You can search for other Living Wage employers on this interactive map.


If the organisation you are working for is not there - ask them why and share their response with your Union [email protected].


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